Expedition and Science-Led Luxury Cruising

Expedition and science-led cruising have gained significant popularity in recent years. Luxury travelers seek more than just a luxurious vacation; they want to embark on a journey that challenges, educates them, and leaves a lasting impact. These types of cruises provide the perfect blend of adventure, education, and luxury, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a transformative travel ...

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What is the difference? A Leisure Host Travel Agency and a Non-Leisure Host Travel Agency?

Andavo Travel is a leisure host travel agency. We get asked all the time, what’s the difference? Good question! We decided to break down what makes us unique. A leisure host travel agency is a type of host agency that specializes in leisure travel, such as luxury cruises, vacations, tours, and hoteliers/suppliers that are all focused on a luxury client. ...

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AndavoMart 2018: How it benefits our advisors

Andavo Travel’s 12th annual AndavoMart conference will be held from October 12-14, 2018 at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, CA. Each year, AndavoMart brings Andavo’s travel advisors together from across the country.  We have a network of roughly 135 total travel advisors, and some of them are employees or ICs in one of our four office locations, ...

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