What is the difference? A Leisure Host Travel Agency and a Non-Leisure Host Travel Agency?

Andavo Travel is a leisure host travel agency. We get asked all the time, what’s the difference? Good question! We decided to break down what makes us unique.

A leisure host travel agency is a type of host agency that specializes in leisure travel, such as luxury cruises, vacations, tours, and hoteliers/suppliers that are all focused on a luxury client. Our advisors offer customized itineraries and luxury travel experiences and provide known expertise to make their client’s travels go from good to unforgettable. As long members of Virtuoso®, a consortium, Andavo’s advisors have access to the world’s top vendors, tour operators, and hoteliers for luxury travel that provides VIP perks, amenities, and support to their clients to deliver superior experiences and deeper connections in the places they visit.

A non-leisure host travel agency may have advisors that offer a wider range of services and budgets. This includes corporate travel, meeting and event travel, and group business travel.

Another key difference is the type of suppliers and relationships a leisure host agency has versus a non-leisure host agency. Andavo Travel has been in the luxury travel industry for over 30 years and has established partnerships with suppliers that specialize in leisure travel. We are also a part of preferred programs with luxury suppliers that help to elevate and maximize our advisors’ profits with higher commissions.

A non-leisure host travel agency has a varied range of suppliers they work with to meet the different types of travel and economic considerations for many kinds of clients.

Ultimately choosing a host travel agency is an essential step for any travel advisor for their business to have the support they need to grow and focus on delivering the best service for their clients. When choosing a host agency, consider your area of focus, the type of suppliers you want to work with, and the type of clients you book with. Selectively finding the right host for you will maximize your business, exceed your client’s expectations and ultimately help you to succeed.

As a top host travel agency, we are selective in our travel agents and partner with the best. If you would like to discuss becoming an Andavo travel affiliate or have more questions, call to learn more today. We look forward to supporting you as you take travel planning to the next level.