AndavoMart 2018: How it benefits our advisors

Andavo Travel’s 12th annual AndavoMart conference will be held from October 12-14, 2018 at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, CA.

Each year, AndavoMart brings Andavo’s travel advisors together from across the country.  We have a network of roughly 135 total travel advisors, and some of them are employees or ICs in one of our four office locations, while some are home-based ICs sprinkled throughout the country. While we see each other at various trade shows throughout the year, and also communicate on Andavo’s private Facebook group, AndavoMart is the one time each year where the Andavo network gets together in person.  Sounds like a family reunion, no?  Only hopefully less awkward and with fun gifts involved.

What do we do while at AndavoMart?  Each year is in a different location at a luxury hotel property and varies slightly, but in general our advisors can count on:

  • Time for valuable networking with their fellow advisors. We know the value of picking each others’ brains and sharing that hard-won knowledge!
  • Advisory Council – For those in our network that are a part of our Advisory Council, AndavoMart is the annual in-person meeting where they represent the Andavo network and share their praise and concerns directly to the Andavo management team so we can continue to improve.
  • Breakout training sessions:  From GDS tools to ClientBase to travel insurance to the latest marketing trends, our advisors can pick what they’re most interested in attending.
  • Company updates:  Andavo’s CEO, Mike Cameron, is always on hand to present to the network, ensuring all present are updated on Andavo’s sales, latest technology developments, and projects in the works to further our ICs’ success.
  • A motivational speaker:  We know its hard to avoid ruts when you’ve been in the luxury travel business as long as our advisors have. Our speakers always educate, inspire, and refresh.
  • Vendor relationship building:  With over 50 prestigious luxury travel suppliers in attendance, our advisors have ample opportunity to meet reps and get the latest info.  Many vendor sponsors will present at meals or other meetings, and all attending vendors are available for one-on-one meetings at our annual Vendor Fair (culminating in fantastic prize giveaways for our hard-working advisors!).
  • A fun team-building activity:  We’ve done everything from cooking dinner together, to salsa-making contests, to an architectural river cruise in Chicago, to a ghost tour in the old mining town of Park City, Utah!  This year we’ll tour the Balboa Bay on Duffy boats at sunset while snacking on wine and cheese!
  • Hotel site inspections:  Since we’re always in a different city, we want to make sure our advisors tour all the nearby luxury properties so they’ll gain additional knowledge for their clientele.
  • And last, but not least, we are always stuffed with gourmet food and leave with generous gifts from Andavo Travel.

As you can see, each AndavoMart event helps ensure Andavo Travel’s advisors remain in the top tier of luxury vacation travel advisors. We can’t wait to see everyone in just under a month’s time!