Travel Advisor Support and Tools

We Make It Easy For Advisors To Track Commissions

Our proprietary commission tracking tool empowers advisors to keep tabs and plan ahead. We make it easy to see what has been paid and what is still outstanding.

We have strong vendor commission contracts, and our hosted agents can depend upon the cashflow. Our proprietary technology gives our agents real-time visibility into the current amount of commissions we've collected for them at any point in time.

Mike Cameron CEO, Andavo Travel
Travel Agency for Advisors

Invoicing Service

For an additional fee, we can generate your invoices for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best— selling.

Marketing Team

Our host travel agency features training and resources to maximize Virtuoso’s variety of marketing options to increase your sales.

All of our travel advisors have the option to create advisor profile pages on the Virtuoso and Andavo websites. Our marketing team will work with you to set them up in a way that best highlights your specific expertise, thereby increasing your web exposure and SEO.

Social Media Assistance

Our marketing team offers one-on-one, personalized training on the social media platform(s) of your choice, and will work with you to create a professional business profile page and ensure you know how to publish effectively to it. Following the training by Andavo, the travel advisor will ultimately be responsible for the execution of all social media posts. There is no charge for any social media training.


Best Travel Agency Services

AirPortal® Travel Technology

Hosted agents with corporate clients will find this suite of proprietary technology tools especially useful. Track your travelers and their unused airline tickets; enjoy automatic rate monitoring for car and hotel bookings; send out intelligent traveler itineraries, and more.

I have been an independent travel agent with Andavo Travel for over 10 years now, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The support they provide is the best in the industry, and the technology far surpasses any other host.

Ginny Mariano Avanti World Travel
Host Travel Agency Service

International Air Desk

This team ensures airline contracts are applied correctly in order to maximize commissions, reduce debit memos, and double-check exchange calculations as well as ever-changing airline rules.

In my over 25 years in the travel industry, I never learned GDS. I decided that I would do what I do best - which is to plan exciting land/sea itineraries around the world.
Andavo's International Air Desk allows me to offer the best routing and fares for my client's itineraries and enables me to provide my clients the full service they deserve.

Kay Merrill Andavo Travel

Travel Industry Technology

We partner with a select few technology tools, offering discounted subscription rates to our advisors designed to showcase advisors’ knowledge and expertise that focus on increasing revenues and improving efficiency.

AXUS – A complete itinerary-building system.

Umapped – Umapped is the Collaborative Itinerary & Experience platform.

Travefy – An itinerary and proposal builder travel app.

Travel-42 – Trip Research Tool – Advisors are able to secure login for a nominal monthly fee.

Become A Travel Advisor

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