How to Introduce Yourself as a Travel Advisor

How to Introduce Yourself as a Travel advisor | Andavo Travel

What do you say when someone asks, “What do you do?”

Every travel advisor needs a good sales pitch, but coming up with one and actually using it effectively is an entirely different task. After all, how do you distill all your value, dedication, and skills into one short description? But as a travel advisor, it’s important to sell yourself just as much as you sell your services. So what are some tips for introducing yourself as a travel advisor? And how can you offer your services to potential clients while setting yourself apart from the rest? Let’s discuss this.

Introducing Yourself as a Travel Advisor: Tips for First-Timers

Coming up with an effective sales pitch might seem like a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have plenty in your tool belt to use in many different circumstances. Take time to think about your personal travel story. Ask yourself questions like, why do you love to travel? What are some unique experiences you can share? Lastly, ask yourself what you can offer your clients that other travel advisors can’t provide. Use all of these elements in your sales pitch, and you will surely have an effective tool to help sell your services.

What is an effective sales pitch for an independent contractor travel advisor?

One of the most influential and common travel advisor sales pitch examples is an “elevator pitch.” Why is it called an elevator pitch? Because it’s a short sales pitch that is designed to be given within the timeframe of a short elevator ride. It’s a minute-long introduction where you talk about what you do and what you can offer your clients. It’s just one example of an effective sales pitch; you can tweak it as much as you’d like. Here, we break it down into four parts:

The Attention-Grabbing Question

This is your opportunity to hook your clients in with a straightforward question. You could think of a common issue many travelers have faced, such as “Have you ever arrived at your travel destination only to find that your hotel is fully booked?” or “Do you get overwhelmed trying to plan the ‘perfect’ trips?”

Empathize with the Question or Problem

Here’s your chance to empathize with this common problem. After all, it’s an issue that many people face and is an incredibly frustrating experience. Give a quick example of when you faced that problem, too, or simply show them you understand what that feels like.

Pivot into a Solution

Next, you pivot into providing a solution for your potential clients that makes them trust you as the only source to fix this potential travel problem. The answer could be: “Now, I help people avoid that headache by booking their travel services for them.”

Add the Value of Your Services

Adding the value of your services will leave your potential clients with a lasting impression for hiring you to book their travel services. It’s also a great chance to add personal detail about yourself. Change conceptions about travel advisors by explaining why they’re needed more than ever in this digital, do-it-yourself age. For example, “I sort through all the noise of where to stay, how to get there, and what to do, to deliver exceptional trips that feel perfectly tailored to them.”

Can travel advisors be independent contractors?

Yes, travel advisors can be independent contractors. In some cases, travel advisors who work as independent contractors remain affiliated with a no-fee host agency. These support networks allow the travel advisor to maintain their independence while still reaping many benefits of being part of a larger travel group. Superior pricing and support for their clients, as well as higher commissions, insurance, and lower start-up costs, are just a few of the benefits.

Do I need a host agency as an independent contractor?

It’s entirely possible to start a career as a travel advisor without a host agency. However, host agencies make it easier for you to get the support and training you need as you grow in this career. Host agencies act as your business partners by offering many benefits that you might not have otherwise, such as marketing and tech support. While some experienced travel advisors may choose to operate without one, working with a host support agency is recommended for many travel advisors, especially those with little experience.

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