Virtuoso Membership

Andavo Travel is a proud member of Virtuoso, the top host travel agency. Through our membership, you gain access to the world’s top vendors, tour operators, and hoteliers.

The airline contracts and association with Virtuoso are both extremely beneficial to making more money and better contacts.

Jacqui Matthews Pyramid Travel

Preferred Relations With Travel Vendors


We have long valued our relationship with Andavo Travel and their very professional agents. They conduct a very effective yearly meeting that brings together their far flung team of travel professionals with key vendors to network for the benefit of clients. They are a top tier travel company that has long been a member of our 100 Club, which denotes the best in the business.

Cynthia Reed, Sales Director Abercrombie & Kent


Andavo Travel has been a key Preferred Partner of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts since 2006. I have personally worked with the team at Andavo since 2005. The ownership, management team, and advisors are all of the highest integrity, knowledgeable, and consistently provide a level of service and expertise that is unsurpassed. So much so, that I trust my own travel to one of their top advisors. It is a privilege to work with the team at Andavo and to partner with an agency of this caliber.

Victoria Uslaner, Account Director, Worldwide Sales Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Why Join Andavo Travel

Travel Advisors Benefit From Multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Andavo Travel provides you access to (and support for) one of three GDS systems:

– Apollo
– Worldspan
– Sabre

As a host agency that supports multiple GDS systems, our advisors have the flexibility of working within the platform in which they are most skilled. This makes switching to Andavo a breeze, without the stress of training on a new GDS. Plus we have a dedicated support team to assist with any GDS questions or issues that arise.

Kirsten Little VP, Andavo Travel
Join Andavo Travel Agency

Andavo Connections Conference

Andavo Travel hosts an annual conference for all of our advisors in a different, exciting city each year.

There are numerous training opportunities offered throughout the year via webinars, Virtuoso’s Travel Academy, and our annual Andavo Connections conference. I look forward to many more successful years as a part of this great host travel agency.

Margie Hand Andavo Travel

Financial Stability

No more fighting to get paid your due. At this host agency, you are always paid correctly, on time, and in full.

Andavo Travel’s accounting support staff is at the top of the industry, dedicated to the success of our advisors. They are diligent in collecting commissions on your behalf and getting payments to you, accurately and on time.

Kirsten Little VP, Andavo Travel


High Compensation & Commissions

Our compensation package is extremely competitive.
– No start-up fees
– No monthly management fees
– Quarterly incentives

Our advisors earn the highest commission percentage with our key suppliers.

Andavo offers home-based agents excellent compensation options, plus I am often able to earn higher commission rates because of Andavo’s volume.

Diane Guercio WorldWise Travel

Become A Travel Advisor

Contact us to discuss becoming an Andavo Travel affiliate.
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