5 Ways Andavo Travel Supports Travel Advisors

Many home-based travel advisors have one question on their mind when looking for a host agency, “Which host travel agency is best for me?” A quick Google search can leave you with endless options and information overload. While it’s true that many agencies can tick all the right boxes, there are a few things that are crucial to your business’s success. We recently asked our travel advisors what matters most to them and narrowed down our top five. Let’s look at how Andavo Travel supports our travel advisors and how it can help your business succeed.

Online Community

Interacting with fellow travel advisors is an important aspect of the home-based travel industry. The Andavo Travel network enjoys access to our private Facebook group. Our online community is a hub of knowledge and questions. Whenever you have a question about a specific destination or want to interact with experienced advisors, Andavo gives you the place to do it. In an industry that thrives off of continual growth, it’s imperative that you get the support you need from people who understand the business. That’s where our online community steps in. We learn from each other. We support. We’re here whenever you need us.

Virtuoso Membership

Virtuoso is a network of the best luxury travel agencies. The good news? When you join Andavo Travel as an independent contractor, you become a part of this exclusive network. This network gives you access to higher commissions, added amenities and upgrades, hosted cruise travel, air travel benefits, and a private network of the world’s best local experts from more than 100 countries. Along with the Virtuoso network, you’ll also have exclusive networking opportunities at the annual Virtuoso Travel Week.

Ongoing Education Opportunities

Imagine a host agency dedicated to your education. Rather than leaving it solely on your shoulders, we help you continue your education with numerous training opportunities. All of our travel advisors are invited to our annual AndavoMart conference. This conference gives you the unique opportunity to learn from experts, network with other travel advisors, attend educational seminars, and receive one-on-one training. You’ll also have access to the Virtuoso Travel Academy, an online tool with instructional videos.

Responsive Advisor Support

Advisor support is essential to a travel advisor’s success. Luckily, our support staff is here to help. Need help navigating GDS systems? We can help. Worried about your commission? Our accounting team works hard to track your commission and complete payments in a timely and accurate manner. When you work with us, we’ll give you the consistent attention needed to keep your business running—especially when those time-sensitive issues interrupt your workload.

Marketing Tools

The travel industry is complicated; marketing is a whole other ball game. We offer training and resources to maximize a variety of marketing tools that ultimately increase your sales. Our dedicated marketing team works with you to set up advisor profile pages that enhance your web exposure and your overall business. We also have access to the Virtuoso suite of marketing tools, which includes award-winning magazines, email marketing, and direct mail. Along with Virtuoso, we also help you stay up-to-date on all of your social media platforms.

Learn more about how teaming up with Andavo Travel can benefit your business by contacting us today.