Take a Vacation, Get a Promotion?

Written by Laney Williams on June 16, 2015

I recently came across an article on the Harvard Business Review, titled “Are the People Who Take Vacations the Ones Who Get Promoted?” by Shawn Achor.

The theory is this:

Too many people limit their happiness and success by assuming that taking time off from work will send a negative message to their manager and slow their career advancement. But new research, says that the exact opposite is true. Taking a vacation can actually increase the likelihood of getting a raise or a

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Small-Ship Cruise Review: Voyages to Antiquity

Written by Stephanie Kunz on June 11, 2015

The Terrace Cafe

I just got back from a cruise with Voyages to Antiquity on their ship, the Aegean Odyssey, which holds an average of 350 passengers. This was a dream come true for me because I’ve been following this cruise line since it’s inception back in 2010, as it fits into my ancient civilizations/archaeological fascination, flows well with any religious travels, and goes along with my Destination Specialist certifications for Southern Europe, Spain, and European Culture & Heritage.

We flew

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Pearls of Wisdom: Tips from Travel Agents

Written by Laney Williams on June 4, 2015

I loved the article in this month’s issue of Virtuoso Traveler magazine titled, “Pearls of Wisdom: Virtuoso advisors share their top 59 travel tips, from planning to packing to pointing you to that perfect picnic spot.”  I loved the section on the latest cool luggage (Bluetooth tracking and locking!), the latest travel apps (everyone download GateGuru!), and the tipping guide (does this come in a laminated wallet size?).

Virtuoso even quoted three of our Andavo Travel advisors!

Tip #20, by Jeri Donovan (who

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Airline Review: Virgin Atlantic

Written by Kristen Twitty on May 28, 2015

Lunch in the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabin.

If you’re like me, you’ve found that the start and end to your vacation really set the overall tone, and boy was I flying high on my recent trip to London. Literally. I was traveling with a few other Andavo travel advisors, and our friend Marcos Gomez from Virgin Atlantic really knew how to take care of the ladies (as there were no men, God bless him) on this trip.

The Virgin

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Luxury Hotel Review: Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Written by Kristen Twitty on May 26, 2015

During my recent trip to London with a few other Andavo travel advisors, I was able to stay at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the friendly and attentive staff into their cozy lobby. The fireplace was roaring and kept London’s spring chill at bay.

Before we explored the hotel, we had the chance to visit the Wallace Collection, a national museum in a historic London town house, only about 1.5 miles away

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Destination Spotlight: Madrid, Spain

Written by Linda Smith on May 24, 2015

This time my travels took me to Madrid, Spain for a week. I spent six nights at The Westin Palace, a hotel commissioned by the king of Spain in 1912. The location of the hotel was perfect, close to Retiro Park, the Prado Museum and Puerta del Sol, so was the perfect starting point to walk around the city.

The dining room at the Westin Palace Madrid.

The Virtuoso amenity of daily buffet breakfast in the hotel’s beautiful stained-glass dome dining

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Adventure Cruising With Un-Cruise Adventures

Written by Jeri Donovan on May 22, 2015

Ever since I first heard about Un-Cruise Adventures, (one of my esteemed Virtuoso suppliers) I knew it was something that I had to experience. It became front and center on my bucket list for active adventure cruising.  As a wellness travel advisor and because I am a bona fide travel info junky, I immediately enrolled in the coursework to become an Un-Cruise Adventures Certified Adventurist. My sense of intrigue and desire deepened as I delved into learning about this style of adventure cruising that ventured along the shores of Alaska, the coasts of Costa

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The Dorchester Collection Hotels in London

Written by Carrie Wallace on May 21, 2015

I was definitely excited to join Andavo’s recent educational trip to London – it had been ages since I’d been and I very much looked forward to getting reacquainted with the city.

While our three days were packed, we had just a bit of daylight in which to fit some additional site inspections. I had met the lovely Victoria White, Assistant Director of Sales for The Dorchester Hotel and 45 Park Lane, the prior week at an event in Chicago, so

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Luxury Hotel Review: Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

Written by Cruse Bevill on May 7, 2015

I just got back from a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in England. This is the most amazing hotel, a lovely country manor with all the amenities that you expect from Four Seasons! It is a perfect place to begin or end your trip to Great Britain or a weekend retreat from bustling London, as the property is only 35 minutes from Heathrow, 40 minutes from Southampton, or an hour from London.

Oliver, the FS Hampshire’s resident black

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Beach Vacation Goers: Instagram Giveaway

Written by Laney Williams on April 16, 2015

Here we are in mid-April.  At about this time of the year, I start realllllly looking forward to my summer vacay.  Who’s with me?  Anyone nodding their head should visit our Alabama office’s Instagram account and enter to win the Beach Bundle Giveaway!

Enter to win this super cute beach stuff!

Instagram handle:  @andavotravelalabama

Or visit:  https://instagram.com/andavotravelalabama/

You could win a super cute beach tote, spring-y scarf, sun hat, and beach towel just by following @andavotravelalabama and liking the giveaway photo.  No reposting

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