Understand Travel and Become A Top Travel Advisor

Today’s travel agent is much different than 20 years ago. Instead of brick-and-mortar travel agencies, most travel agents work from home, almost exclusively online and by phone. Instead of working with a company, travel agents pair with a trusted travel agency host, which provides training, networking, exclusive benefits, and an IATA number that allows you to sell travel.

Due to the evolving nature of a travel agent’s job, most take on a more active role as a travel advisor, someone familiar with a niche travel industry, and can recommend the best places to eat, stay, and experience at a price their clients want to pay. To be an effective and knowledgeable travel advisor, you need first-hand expertise in travel and a strong working relationship with key contacts and resources in the industry. It also helps if you have a passion for travel and can get to know your clients personally so you can provide the best travel experience possible that meets their expectations. Doing so will give them the trip of a lifetime that they’ll recommend to their friends and return to experience again.

One of the best ways to become a successful travel advisor is to specialize in a niche corner of the travel industry. Doing so allows you to get to know the ins and outs of a specific area or type of travel, build strong working relationships with others working in the industry, and provide a premium experience to clients who do not have as much time, know-how, or connections. Some of these niche industries include:

  • Luxury travel
  • Cruises
  • Specific destination
  • Specific interests, such as culinary, wellness, or adventure

Discover more on how to become a niche travel advisor in these industries below:

Andavo Travel Helps You Travel Farther

Andavo Travel is a premier host luxury travel agency that offers exclusive access to the world’s top travel suppliers and a solid training and support network. Whether you are an experienced travel agent or just beginning your journey, partnering with Andavo will take your travel business to the next level. We provide the tools and experience necessary for you to become a successful independent travel advisor and business owner through training, an experienced support team, superior technology, and marketing. Contact us today to get started. 

How to Become a Luxury Travel Advisor

Luxury travel advisors curate five-star experiences for clients to experience high-end, incredible trips that are designed and executed flawlessly. As a luxury travel advisor, you must understand and demand white glove service for your clientele and be dedicated to details for unique and luxurious destinations. Here are the best tips for becoming a luxury travel advisor:

#1: Personally Get to Know Your Clients

Clients willing to pay top dollar for curated experiences expect the best service, quality, and itineraries that last a lifetime. Getting to know your clients is vital to successfully planning and executing a vacation they will remember fondly. Find out their needs and travel preferences, and pay close attention to their tastes and expectations for the trip. Thoroughly research the areas they want to travel to so you can offer them a personalized itinerary based on what they want.

#2: Pay Close Attention to Details

When booking luxury travel, insist on the five-star service that your clients expect. That means communicating early and often with hotels and restaurants for VIP treatment for clients. You also want to ensure you are accurate and dependable regarding reservations, transportation, logistics, and times for your clients. Develop an eye for luxury and pay attention to unique high-end experiences for clients in your travels and as you network and get feedback.

#3: Partner with an Experienced Host Travel Agency

Partner with a host agency that has experience and focuses primarily or exclusively on luxury travel. Doing so will provide you with the training, connections, and exclusive access necessary to build a strong repertoire in the luxury travel field.

How to Become a Cruise Travel Agent

Cruising is a popular vacation option for many people, which makes it an ideal niche to get to know as a travel advisor. Many cruise travel agents opt to become certified through the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), but it isn’t required.

Working with luxury cruise lines will offer your clients unique experiences, whether they are looking for shore excursions, culinary programs, or spa experiences. It’s a good idea to work with a luxury host agency to build relationships with these partners and provide the best service to your clients.