Andavo Travel Launches New Website

Andavo Travel is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website. Driven by our commitment to excellence, Andavo Travel embarked on a journey to revamp our digital presence, prioritizing simplicity, ease of use, and enhancements reflective of our evolving programs.

Updates for Consumers

Looking to get in touch with an Andavo Travel advisor? That process is now easier than ever. The new Andavo Travel website integrates consumer-facing landing pages with the Andavo Advisor Directory to facilitate swifter access to our network of travel advisors.

This means website visitors looking to book their next vacation can more easily coordinate with one of our trusted travel advisors. These changes will improve the customer experience and lead to more lasting memories.

Updates for Travel Advisors

Our online ecosystem is now incorporated with a brand-new Intranet. This password-protected portal is designed with our advisors in mind, streamlining access to essential resources crucial for their business operations. The Intranet includes high-level categories organized in an expand-and-minimize format and relevant document links for each section.

Each advisor now gets a personalized Dashboard, facilitating efficient access to frequently used documents. The “Favorite” function also allows advisors to curate their Dashboards, allowing for a more customized experience.

Our platform now includes staff and advisor directories alongside images from our annual conferences to reinforce our values of inclusivity and community. Keyword search functionality is also available to enhance accessibility and empower users to navigate the platform.

Venturing to New Heights

Overall, our new website and Intranet represent a significant milestone, and we at Andavo Travel are immensely proud of our commitment to delivering value to our clientele and network of advisors. It emphasizes our support, technologies, new-to-industry Advisor Advantage Program, and enduring 20-year partnership with Virtuoso®️. If you’re interested in planning your next getaway or beginning a career in travel advising, contact us at Andavo Travel.