Why Making Travel Experiential, Cultural, and Authentic Matters

In days past luxury travel meant expensive hotels, first-class tickets, hotel concierge services— everything top-of-the-line. However, the current definitions surrounding the luxury travel sector are shifting. Today, luxury travel is transforming into something more substantial for tourists. It takes travelers out of their day-to-day lives and puts them into an entirely new lifestyle and mindset. Whether it’s a safari in rural Africa, a deep dive into the Great Barrier Reef, or attending a traditional celebration in the streets of Tirol, Austria.  These activities not only transform vacations into memorable experiences but have a lasting effect that most tourists want out of their vacation these days.

If you want to give your clients the traveling experience of a lifetime, make it cultural, make it experiential, make it authentic. Here are a few ways you can make that happen each time you book a vacation. 


Tip #1: Step Off the Beaten Path

 As a travel advisor, you can point your clients in the direction they want to go. Today, most travelers are looking for something more. In fact, most people have already spent time sitting on a beach or next to the pool. While these vacations are the typical go-to for most clients, an increasing number are looking for something that pushes them out of their comfort zone.

When booking travel for these clients, search for activities that dive deep into the local culture. Help give your clients a meaning exploration into that destination. This is not an only better use of their time but will make them realize the value of working with a travel advisor.


Tip #2: Look to Local Guides

If you want your work as a travel advisor to stand out, get familiar with guides in a variety of destinations. Not sure how to get started? Here’s a rough guideline:

  • Make your Travel Worthwhile

When you are out-and-about on your getaways, get to know people throughout the area. Ask around. Chances are there the locals will get you in contact with local guides that can provide your future clients with new and unique travel experiences.

  • Utilize the Internet

Not traveling to specific locations any time soon, no problem – just hop online. Research the area. Get to know travel bloggers. Peruse social media for photographers, travelers, and other experienced visitors who can give insight into specific areas. By creating a network consisting of people throughout the world, you will have an invaluable resource that you can use whenever you need.

  • Ask Other Travel Advisors

One of the best ways you can provide your clients with unforgettable travel experiences is by getting advice from other advisors. Working within your Andavo Travel connections, whether it is through our social media channels or the Virtuoso® network, lies an army of advisors armed and ready with information, experience, relationships, and much more valuable know-how.


Tip #3: Help Build Communities

One of the most significant benefits of this new type of travel is that it is much more community-based and culturally friendly. Instead of sending clients in for a typical “tourist” vacation, you are helping enlighten travelers by immersing them into local cultures. Now clients not only walk through markets and down side streets, really understanding what makes a destination tick, but it also means building up the community they are visiting. It is responsible travel.

Forget the old ways of taking advantage of certain destinations by imposing a “Westernized” culture on the locals. Today, tourists are more proactive and are actively making decisions that are true to the heart of where they are visiting. Your clients would rather get an in-depth look at how certain villages and people operate. They want a week-long (or however long) visit that puts them directly into the shoes of those living in these places every day. No one wants to take advantage of where they visit, so being respectful of local cultures and traveling with sustainability in mind is essential.

Make sure you answer your clients call by booking travel that is sustainable and culturally authentic at every turn.


Tip #4: Still Make it Luxurious

Just because your clients now want an authentic travel experience doesn’t mean they want you to skimp on the luxury. Yes, they still want all of the amenities that accompany luxury travel, from well-appointed hotel rooms to the best of the best cuisine. But they don’t want to stay stuck inside the tourist bubble anymore. Find the right balance by affording your clients with luxurious bookings that also provide a glimpse into the lives of those they meet.


Andavo Travel

We hope that as you move forward with your business that you make your clients travel worthwhile. Now is the time for exploration not exploitation. Make the travel memorable not just a destination they check off their list.

If you are looking for more advice on authentic travel experiences, contact the experts at Andavo Travel. We would love to help you with all of your travel needs.