’s Hotel Booking Tool Earns Sales Advisors Would Have Missed Out On

Virtuoso rolled out an online hotel booking tool in February 2018, which is proving to be a huge advantage to our Andavo Travel advisors.

Advantages for advisors:  For advisors unfamiliar with Sabre, it provides an easy and convenient way to instantly book hotels with Virtuoso-exclusive amenities. Through advisor and agency private label sites, it provides an opportunity to receive not just leads but actual sales from new clients – and the opportunity to sell them additional products and services for their trip.

Advantages for clients:  Your clients already understand and appreciate the value and the benefits of having an advisor book their travel for them – you can provide insider access they wouldn’t otherwise get, and should anything ever go wrong, it’s nice to know you’re there to help.

But still, many clients continue to only use their advisor for planning and booking larger trips. Frequently, they still “do it themselves” online when it comes to last-minute breaks or weekend getaways.

Virtuoso’s hotel booking tool is a solution to this problem.

Your clients can now go to your private label site whenever they want to book such a trip and can quickly and easily book a Virtuoso preferred property at any time of day or night. You still get the credit for the booking, but more importantly, your client is guaranteed they get the Virtuoso-exclusive amenities and everything else they’ve come to expect when booking travel through you.

This is just another of the many reasons why Andavo Travel is proud and happy to be a member of the exclusive Virtuoso luxury travel network.