Sustainable Travel: How You Can Help


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When you think of sustainable travel, what comes to mind? Do you think of eco-friendly travel practices, an emphasis on environmental responsibility, practicing green-focused methods? No matter what you see, sustainable travel is the wave of the future for travel advisors and travelers across the globe. However, there is more to sustainable tourism than asking your clients to recycle during their traveling.

Let’s discuss all sides of sustainable travel and how you can do your part in keeping travel feasible for generations to come.

What is Sustainable Travel?

Travel sustainability addresses the impact travel has on a community including the social and economic aspect. One of the main factors sustainable travel focuses on is the positive impact travel brings to the area. While not every person can afford a big volunteer trip, sustainable tourism makes volunteering accessible to everyone.

There are different ways travelers have an impact while they travel—environmental, business, and community culture. Whenever someone travels, they make an impact on these three areas whether they know it or not.

Sustainable travel bridges the gap between mainstream vacations and social responsibility by keeping travelers mindful of that impact. From lodging and housing to activities and shopping, every traveler is responsible for knowing where to spend their money. If you teach your clients eco-friendly practices, they will positively affect the areas they visit.

Why Sustainability Matters

Today, travelers understand that the money they spend in a community can have a massive impact on people in that area. Many of these travel destinations rely heavily on tourism for development not only from a government standpoint but individually, as well. It is essential to understand the simple ways you can make travel sustainable for each of your clients.

How to Promote Travel Sustainability

Let’s look at the ways traveler advisors like you can help make positive decisions for clients.

  • Tip #1: Teach Your Travelers

The first step of promoting sustainability is by spreading the knowledge you have. You cannot expect your travelers to practice eco-friendly travel if they don’t understand why or know how. Let your travelers know that they can positively impact the area they are visiting and give them actionable ways they can do so.

  • Tip #2: Book Sustainably-Focused Lodging

Since you are in charge of booking lodging, you have a direct impact on this decision. Give your clients a list to choose from including hotels, rentals, and other lodging options that promote higher levels of sustainability.

  • Tip #3: Consider How You Travel

Sure, most travelers have to fly in an airplane to get to their vacation destination. But once you hit the ground, it is important to understand the ways you affect the environment by your mode of transportation. Suggest carpooling, hybrid car rentals, or biking.

  • Tip #4: Support Local Businesses

Motivate your travelers to support local businesses. Give them plenty of activity options that help the local community. You should also suggest restaurants that promote local shops and let travelers try authentic cuisine.

  • Tip #5: Participate in Humanitarian Work

Your travelers don’t need a big humanitarian trip to get in making their vacation sustainable. By participating in humanitarian-focused activities is an excellent way for travelers to blend sustainability into their holiday.

  • Tip #6: Talk to the Locals

Encourage your clients to get to know the locals. This is a great way to spread ideas to less-evolved countries and get involved in the community. Talking with locals will better the experience for both parties involved.

Popular Sustainability Travel Destinations

San Blass Islands

The mostly uninhabited islands in Panama, the San Blas Islands are an autonomous territory occupied by the indigenous people, the Kuna’s. Since these islands run on their own, it is the ideal vacation for direct-trade interaction. If your traveler wants their money to go directly to the local economy on their tropical getaway encourage them to visit San Blass.

The Faroe Islands

If your travelers want to see the most beautiful scenery that looks straight out of a Game of Thrones scene, then look no further than the Faroe Islands. The country plans on running entirely on 100% clean energy by 2023 and is known for its sustainable fisheries, cultural preservations, and unique diet.


Ecotourism has been a driving force of the Tanzanian economy for decades and is widely known for its nature and wildlife conservation efforts. One of Tanzania’s most sought-after natural treasures is Mt. Kilimanjaro that has drawn adventurers in for decades. You can also see the Big 5 safari animals, meet the Maasai people, or visit Zanzibar, a beautiful island with white sand beaches and extensive coral reef.


Looking for additional tips on planning sustainable travel for your clients, contact the travel experts at Andavo Travel.