Popular Travel Destinations & What You Should Know About Them

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Travel is becoming a staple for many Americans. Actually, it is America’s second favorite way to spend discretionary funds. In total, Americans spend $101.1 billion on summer vacations, with 65.3% saying that leisure travel is somewhat of a budget priority for them. Perhaps one of the biggest motivating factors is increased access to travel destinations thanks to easier booking processes and cheaper accommodations.

As a travel advisor, you must give travelers an unforgettable travel experience (especially now that you compete with easy-to-use booking sites). It is also up to you to provide them with exclusive and noteworthy benefits they can’t get anywhere else. If you hope to keep up with the times, you must also know the popular travel destinations and how you can give your travelers a one-of-a-kind vacation they can’t get with any other booking agent.

To help you get started on your journey to offer meaningful information about the top travel destinations all over the world, we have put together a list of the top five. Take a look at where you should suggest your travelers go for their next vacation below.


Where to Send Travelers in 2020

This list comprises of the most popular destinations heading into the upcoming year. It also provides you with useful information you can offer your clients as they consider these travel locations.


Helsinki, Finland

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One of the most popular tourist spots in the world, Finland is home to the unfamiliar territory for most Americans. From the capital city of Helsinki to the Nordic culture, Finland is great for culture lovers and foodies. This vibrant coastal city coastline is akin to the ever-so-popular Iceland that is overcrowded with tourists. Fortunately, Helsinki has flown under the radar for some time, making it an excellent destination for all age groups.


Nairobi, Kenya

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Another spot to send your clients is to Nairobi, Kenya. Along with taking day-long to week-long safaris throughout the African Savannah, tourists can visit the Giraffe Manor. The Manor in Nairobi hosts a herd of Rothschild’s giraffes, giving guests a chance to interact with them all day long. A popular part of the Giraffe experience, your travelers, can enjoy is sitting down to breakfast with the tall-legged animals peaking in the windows to join them. Nairobi is also known as the safari capital of Africa, with fascinating wildlife and nightlife for those visiting the capital city.

Another helpful hint for travel advisor booking clientele travel in Nairobi is setting up a day trip to Amboseli National Park. The area lies at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, which has one of the healthiest elephant populations in Africa. On a clear day, visitors can even see the peak, as well.


Barcelona, Spain

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Always a traveler favorite, Barcelona, Spain, is Europe’s hub for art, culture, and architecture. Unfortunately, since the location is so popular, the local authorities passed a law the limits the number of beds available at hotels and tourist apartments. However, as a travel advisor, you have exclusive access to this popular destination.

Work with local hotels to find your travelers opportunities they might not others have access to—they won’t be disappointed. As the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the city boasts beautiful landscapes. It also has an unbeatable nightlife that many millennials want to experience during their European vacation.


Lisbon, Portugal

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Many publications regard Lisbon as Europe’s most underrated city. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, has stubbing architecture that varies from new to old. Whether travelers visit the Baroque São Roque Church or Museum of Art, they are sure to remember Lisbon’s unique facades. The city is also great for those looking to visit European on a budget, even excellent food and beer costs a great deal less than other cities.

A helpful tip for travel advisors sending travelers to Lisbon is suggesting a day trip to Sintra. This well-known town takes about 40-minutes by train and can be reached easily by car, as well. Throughout the woods in Sintra, there are mansions and palaces where elites visited during the summer months. You can even go to the Palacio de Pena, built by a German prince who married into the Portuguese royal family. Its colorful architecture is worth the trip alone.


Leeuwarden, Netherlands

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The final destination to add to your travelers’ lists this upcoming year is Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Similar to Amsterdam minus all of the crowds, Leeuwarden was officially inaugurated as one of two European Capitals of Culture in 2018. The city has the same canals and bridges as its sister, so your travelers will enjoy all of the selfies they want while they cross the water.

A few of the other attractions the city features include the Fries Museum, Historische binnenstad Leeuwarden, and their world-renowned cheese industry. Travelers should also visit the Aquazoo Friesland, which ranks among the most prominent zoos in the Netherlands and mostly accommodates aquatic creatures.

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