Luxury Travel Trends for 2023

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel:

As environmental awareness grows, luxury travelers seek destinations and accommodations that support and are committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Consumers are looking for hotels, resorts, and destinations that support and use renewable energy sources. For example, some hotels have implemented sensors to turn off lights, and other electronics, solar power to reduce carbon, eliminating single-use plastic products by offering reusable water bottles, and farm-to-fark cuisine to lower carbon footprint and support local conservation and community efforts.

Wellness Travel:

Wellness travel has gained momentum for several years and has become more important, with more awareness of mental and physical health, especially since the pandemic. Travelers are seeking trips that prioritize their self-care and wellness and getaways centered around spa retreats, yoga, meditation retreats, and fitness-focused activities. Travelers are also looking for quieter, few guests and destinations where it’s more spread out with fewer people. But wellness travel doesn’t just mean getting a massage or a facial. Luxury travelers want experiences and one-of-a-kind itineraries personalized to them. Whether it’s eating from a local farm that has grown its food or a retreat that allows for a “digital detox,” these experiences are what luxury travelers are looking for.

Luxury Cruises:

Luxury cruising offers travelers itineraries that provide unique cultural and destination immersion and indulgences included in your fare. With silk sheets, marbled bathrooms, high-end art, and décor, and unparallel service you don’t even need to look for, it’s no wonder luxury cruising is on the rise. In addition to beautiful ships, high-end service, and umpteen indulgences, cruises can typically go off-the-beaten-track destinations for longer, more immersive excursions. Luxury travelers are looking for memorable experiences, relaxation, and unforgettable itineraries offering less-explored destinations while making the most of their time on board a luxury cruise ship.

As we continue to move from the pandemic, luxury travelers in 2023 seek more meaningful, memorable, and authentic experiences. Those bucket-list destinations and lifelong unforgettable moments with loved ones will continue to emerge with sustainable practices and environmental, social, and community impacts at the top of mind.

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