How Trip Planning Will Change in 2020

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From rideshares to social media, the travel sector has experienced a variety of changes over the years which have disrupted the way we think about travel itself. Hotels, airlines, and other travel companies have had to adapt quickly or become obsolete. Travel advisors in particular have had to ready their businesses for change. 2020 is approaching quickly, and it’s best to be informed on upcoming trends that will affect your business. Keep reading to see how trip planning will change in 2020.


Shorter, More Frequent Vacations

There are no month-long vacations anymore. Vacations are getting shorter and shorter, with the average trip lasting just 4 days. However, vacations are becoming more frequent. While yesterday’s traveler would go on one big vacation during the year, today’s traveler is taking four or five short trips per year. It’s increasingly popular to take weekend excursions to experience a new location, then be home for work on Monday. As a result, travelers are looking for adventures that don’t require extended stays. The travel sector will need to adapt accordingly, with more options for shorter vacations.


Non-Stop Flights

Travelers are becoming more streamlined than ever before. Previous generations may appreciate sitting still, but today’s traveler does not. This is especially true when it comes to airline travel. 2020’s traveler expects no delays or interruptions to their plane ride, which includes layovers. Booking non-stop flights is valued highly by the modern traveler, which means businesses will need more non-stop options in order to stay relevant.


Fitness and Vacations Go Hand-in-Hand

Travelers are looking to stay fit wherever they may be. Not only are 2020’s travelers going to be looking for nice hotels and resorts to stay at, they will be looking for ones with the best fitness options. From yoga classes to walks on the beach to lifting weights, travelers enjoy staying fit on the go. For many travelers, vacation fitness is at the top of their priority list.

Fitness is also important when considering the eating habits of today’s travelers. While some vacationers may still look for the biggest buffets and burger joints, the majority of travelers may want to enjoy healthy, high-quality restaurants and eating options.



Perhaps one of the biggest emerging travel trends is that millennials are becoming the largest segment of travel customers. In fact, millennials are more likely to go on vacations than any generation before. Their passion for adventure and fast-paced lifestyle makes them highly motivated to travel far outside their home state. Hotels, airlines, and other travel companies are directing more of their advertisements and messaging to millennials as a result. Additionally, millennials are spending more money on experiences and less on things. Living a minimalist lifestyle is trending, and millennials are implementing it by putting a higher value on memories over possessions.

Millennials are also revolutionizing the travel process through the way they communicate. Their method of contact while planning a trip is primarily through phones and other electronic devices. It’s likely they will expect the same when communicating with travel advisors.

While millennials may be loyal to specific technology or clothing brands, they have yet to form loyalty to particular travel brands. They’re in the “sweet spot”, where one positive travel experience could lead to lifetime brand loyalty. It’s predicted that in 2020, travel companies will take advantage of this. Hotels and airlines will start implementing major loyalty programs with a cyclical short-term reward system, encouraging more frequent stays from millennials.


Reliance on a Travel Advisor

From millennials to seniors, travelers are relying more heavily on travel advisors to assist in the planning process. Since vacations are becoming shorter and more frequent, the role of a travel advisor is essential. Travelers of 2020 are too busy to plan the perfect vacation; searching online takes too long and there are plenty of poor experiences lurking beneath the surface. Travel advisors mitigate all the risk associated with vacation planning, and consumers are eager to use their skills.

Your job as a travel advisor holds incredible value to today’s traveler. However, without the right tools, you may have difficulty adapting to the trends of 2020 and growing your clientele. Luckily, Andavo travel is here to help. We are the premier hosting solution for luxury travel advisors and can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Andavo Travel affiliate.