How Joining a Travel Agency Improves Your Business

Any travel advisor knows that offering options to your clients gives them the best chance for a great vacation. However, many travel advisors leave opportunities on the table when they opt out of partnering with a travel agency. If you’re seeking a career in travel or you’re a travel agency looking to expand your brand, affiliating with an undisputed travel agency is your best chance for success. Here are four reasons how joining Andavo Travel will improve your business.


  1. Sophisticated Technology Services


Travel agents are now competing against free-access digital services. Luckily, host agencies offer competitive technological services that aren’t accessible to most travel consumers. From finding the best travel opportunities to our suite of proprietary technology tools, providing your clients with the right options will significantly increase your business’s success.


According to one of our travel advisors, Deanne Philhower, our technology services are one of the top reasons she partnered with us.


“Andavo Travel has some great technology tools – from their internal website to other software/programs that are available to you (Worldspan, ClientBase, Travel-42, Axus – probably many more). They are members of the Virtuoso consortium which focuses on luxury travel. Both Andavo and Virtuoso offer online training, as well as sponsor extremely beneficial conferences every year.” – Deanne Philhower


You can also work from anywhere with our international air desk team. This team ensures airline contracts are applied correctly to maximize commissions, reduce debit memos, and double-check exchange calculations as well as ever-changing airline rules.


  1. Education & Training


Imagine having a group of experienced agents working with you to improve your business? With Andavo Travel on your side, that is your reality. Our host agency is dedicated to educating you on the best travel agent practices. Rather than doing it all on your own, a host agency helps you continue your education with numerous training opportunities.


At Andavo Travel, all of our travel advisors are invited to the annual AndavoMart conference. This conference gives you an opportunity to learn from experts, network with other travel advisors, attend educational seminars, and receive one-on-one training. You’ll also have access to the Virtuoso Travel Academy, an online tool with instructional videos, and Virtuoso Travel Week.


  1. Proven Marketing Strategies


Host agencies like Andavo Travel give you the marketing expertise you need to showcase the latest travel offerings. Staying ahead of your competitors online is one of the many challenges facing independent travel agents. Our host agency services include assistance with marketing and social media. Through education and training, you’ll be able to maximize your marketing strategy increasing your sales ten-fold.


Also, all of our travel advisors have a variety of options when it comes to the type of marketing and social media assistance they need. This level of customization allows you to execute the perfect marketing campaign for years to come.


  1. Top Tier Commission Levels


Whether you work independently as your own company, an affiliation with Andavo Travel will significantly increase the amount of money your making. As a leading host agency, our travel advisors receive the highest commissions in the industry. Not only will this add to your bottom line, but it gives you more spending money to put towards improving your business in other ways like marketing. Putting the money, you earn back into your business will increase your opportunity for return on your investment, significantly.


We also offer financial services to help you track your production and earnings whenever you like.


Joining the Andavo Travel family is one of the best moves you can make for your travel business. Contact us today and learn how you can become and Andavo Travel affiliate.