How Are We Connected?

As travel advisors, it is our job to connect travelers to their destinations. But what connections are more important than ever, in the travel industry? While it’s true that many host agencies can check all the right boxes, few can offer the connections you need for your business to succeed. Through a combination of leveraging Andavo Travel’s tools and social media platforms to connect with other travel advisors in the industry, you can use our connections to better your client’s experiences.

Let’s talk about the connections Andavo Travel offers our travel advisors and how they can help you change your business for the better.  Many host agencies offer tools to get your business off the ground, but our Virtuoso® Membership, Online Community, Travel Support, and Technology Tools can get you off the ground running for the long-term.



Virtuoso® is a network of the best luxury travel agencies around the globe. While that sounds great on paper, it also directly affects your business because as an Andavo Travel advisor you become a member of this network when you join.


This network connects you with endless opportunities for growing your business. You will also have access to higher commissions, added amenities, and upgrades, hosted cruise travel, air travel benefits, and a private network of the world’s best local experts from more than 100 countries. Along with the Virtuoso® network, you’ll also have exclusive networking opportunities at the annual Virtuoso® Travel Week.


Andavo Travel’s Online Community

Connecting with other travel advisors is an essential aspect of your business. Not only will this give you first-hand information that can change how you operate your business, but it also provides you with exclusive discounts for your clients later down the road. Becoming a member and working with Andavo Travel, you will enjoy access to our private Facebook group.


Our online community is a hub of knowledge and questions. Whenever you have a problem with a specific destination or want to interact with other experienced advisors, our online community gives you the place to do it.


In an industry that puts connection and growth at the forefront, it is crucial that you find a support system that understands the travel industry and how to conduct your business. That’s where Andavo Travel’s online community comes in. Our network learns from each other and supports each other. Basically, we’re here whenever you need us.


Advisor Connection Support

Having a team of supporters behind your business is essential to your success. Luckily, our hosted agents can connect with our advisor support whenever they need.


Do you need help navigating GDS systems? Count on us for support with multiple GDS systems. Are you worried about your commission? Our accounting team works hard to track your commission and full payments in a timely and accurate manner.


When you work with Andavo Travel, we’ll give you the consistent attention needed to keep your business running—especially when those time-sensitive issues interrupt your workload.


Stay Connected with Your Clients

Our proprietary technology tools are especially useful when you need to connect with your travelers. You can easily track your clients along with all of their paperwork, airline tickets, and bookings using our AirPortal Travel Technology.


You can also enjoy automatic rate monitoring for car and hotel bookings, as well as, send out intelligent travel itineraries for clients that need information in a hurry.


Learn more about how Andavo Travel connects with your home-based business by contacting us today.