Holiday Shopping List for Luxury Travel Enthusiasts

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Luxury travelers are a particular type of people. They are intelligent, upscale, and always on the go. Finding the perfect gift to fuel a traveler’s wanderlust is far from easy. Luckily, our travel advisors are experts when it comes to high-end adventurers. Here’s a list of gifts that are sure to be on the top of every luxury traveler’s holiday wish list.


Travel Journal

Travel Journal Gift Ideas

For the traveler who loves to preserve their trips on paper, this classy leather travel journal is perfect. It’s pocket-sized for notes on the go and comes in a gift box so you don’t have to wrap anything. It has three different types of paper and a pvc zipper pocket for items like plane tickets, credit cards, and any other documents. Travelers will love it for years to come.

Purchase it here.


Scratch World Map

Scratch World Map Gift Ideas

Keeping track of every country traveled to is simple with this scratch-off world map. Travel enthusiasts can see where they’ve been and, more importantly, where their travels should be next. This particular map, available on Amazon, is incredibly detailed with accurate mapping and world features.

Purchase it here.


Try the World Subscription Box

Try the World Subscription Box

Give travel-lovers a taste of the world without leaving their living room by purchasing the Try the World Subscription Box. Not only is it creative—it’s edible! The best way to experience a country’s culture is through its food; Try the World’s culture with this gourmet food box.

Subscribe here.


Travel Photobook

Travel Photobook Gift Ideas

Travel experiences are made even better when a traveler can remember what’s really important—the people they care about. A travel-sized photobook that reminds them of home is the perfect gift for anyone on the go. Chatbooks has great photobooks that are small enough to fit in a carry-on. That way travelers can think of home whether they’re 40,000 feet high, or on the other side of the world.

Customize it here.


Home-State Necklace

Home State Necklace Gift Ideas

All travelers get homesick at some point. When they do, it’s likely that they’ll need a reminder of home and those that love them. These home-state necklaces, available on Etsy, are the perfect gift for any type of traveler. They are dainty, high-quality, and have options for countries as well.

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Wearable Phone Charger

Black Phone Charger Bracelet

Going to a foreign country without a phone charger is the modern traveler’s worst nightmare, but it happens to everyone at some point. Even the most seasoned travelers forget their chargers. However, this wearable phone charger that doubles as a stylish bracelet will ensure that a travel enthusiast never forgets their charger again. Available on Amazon for less than $15, this gift is a sure win.

Get it here.


Neiman Marcus Travel Set

Neiman Marcus Travel Gift Set

Luxury travel enthusiasts love the finer things. There’s nothing more luxurious than high-end travel essentials with shampoos and conditioners, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and body wash. You don’t have to spend a fortune, though. This Neiman Marcus Curated Travel Bag is both chic and affordable.

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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones Gift Ideas

Travel enthusiasts everywhere need noise-cancelling headphones. From frustratingly loud plane rides to bustling buses to long car trips, noise-cancelling headphones are essential. These headphones from Amazon give travelers everywhere the peace they deserve. With over 14,000 5-star reviews, these headphones are sure to be a big hit.

Purchase them here.


Stretchy Pants

Black Stretchy Travel Pants

Socially acceptable stretchy pants. A traveler’s holy grail. They are rare and hard to find. If a travel-lover doesn’t have any yet, they need some. If they already have some, they need more. Though some sweats and joggers can be expensive, they’re priceless to travelers. These ones made by Lululemon are comfy, stylish, and pair well with anything.

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Ticket to Anywhere

Sunglass on Sunny Beach for Travel

The best gifts are ones that have meaning. The most meaningful gift for any traveler is a trip that they’ll never forget. However, finding the perfect trip is easier said than done. Considering flights, hotels, transportation, dining, and all the other details can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned travelers.

It’s becoming more and more important for luxury adventurers to choose a travel advisor who can streamline the planning process. Andavo Travel is the perfect hosting solution for seasoned and luxury travel advisors. Our travel advisors gain access to the world’s top travel suppliers, advisor support, and premier agency services. Contact us today to see how you can grow your luxury travel advisor business.

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