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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (April 25, 2017) — Andavo Travel is introducing Compass, a fee-based custom social media service that brings new capabilities to its independent contractors.

“Compass is a complete solution for travel advisors who know they should be participating in the world of social media, but don’t know how to begin, and don’t have the time or desire to figure it out,” said Mike Cameron, Andavo Travel CEO. “This is not a training program (although Andavo does offer that as well); this is for the advisors who want to turn their social media over to someone else, so they can tap into the power of social media and still focus on what they do best – planning luxurious vacations for their clients.”

Andavo Travel’s marketing team will execute social media on behalf of participating travel advisors on a personal, custom level. Compass is not an automated program with the same generic travel posts for all participating advisors. Andavo’s marketing staff will meet individually with the travel advisor at an initial consultation call to discuss which social media platforms would be most beneficial to that advisor’s business, and what travel niches or specialties the content should focus on.

Then, Andavo’s team will take care of setting up the social media profile on the advisor’s behalf, and committing to executing a set number of custom posts per week (the number varies by social media platform). In addition to posting on the advisor’s own profile, Andavo will engage with other users on that platform as well; i.e. liking and commenting on other peoples’ posts, following other accounts, and replying to interaction on the advisor’s account. At the end of each month, the travel advisor will receive a report showing analytics on their social media for the month and the opportunity to provide feedback on the content.

Hosting agencies like Andavo must invest in infrastructure that boosts an IC’s effectiveness. Compass essentially frees the advisor from worrying about fitting social media into their busy travel business,” said Kirsten Little, Andavo’s VP of Operations and Business Development. “It is a robust option that greatly enhances our value as a host agency to our network of independent travel agents.”

At this time, the available social media platforms in the Compass program are Facebook, lnstagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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