Andavo Support Staff Spotlight: Laney Williams

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August 2018 marks the 8 year “workaversary” for our marketing manager, Laney Williams. What better time to learn a little bit more about her?

Andavo Travel: How would you describe your support role to a travel advisor looking for a host agency?

Laney: I support our network of travel advisors with all of their marketing needs. When a new IC joins, I make sure they are aware of the Virtuoso marketing opportunities available to them, and how to use ClientBase to send it. I help our advisors set-up and maintain their profiles on and I work with them on logos and branding. If they want help figuring out social media, I offer one-on-one custom training meetings. If they need a website, I connect them to our resources for that as well – or review their existing website and provide feedback. I also maintain relationships with travel industry journalists/media and connect them to our travel advisors when they need an expert quote for a story.

Andavo Travel: How long have you been in travel?

Laney: I’m going on 10 years in travel marketing! Fun Fact:  I actually started my career working for Virtuoso in their direct marketing department in their Seattle office. It whets my appetite for luxury travel in a big way!  After I left Virtuoso, I worked at an ad agency in Los Angeles for a few years before landing this job at Andavo Travel and going back to my travel marketing roots.

Andavo Travel: What is your favorite thing about working for Andavo?

Laney: I love working with travel advisors on a personal basis, as each person in our network has their own background and specialties, and thus their own marketing needs and interests. Shortly after I started working at Andavo, I used one of our travel advisors to help me plan a trip to the UK and I was immediately converted to using an advisor! Why had I been going it alone, doing all of that internet research and price-shopping? Ever since, I am the biggest fan of travel advisors and really value their knowledge and expertise, so I love helping them market themselves to their prospects, referrals, and clients. I’m a believer in our “product”!

Thank you to Laney for accommodating our quick interview, and congratulations on 8 years with Andavo Travel!

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