Andavo Support Staff Spotlight: Kristen Twitty

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One of the reasons our ICs like Andavo Travel so much is all the support we provide. So today we’d like to spotlight Kristen Twitty, Andavo’s leisure technology specialist (which is a fancy way of saying our ClientBase genius).

Andavo Travel: How would you describe your support role to a travel advisor looking for a host agency?

Kristen: My job consists of training advisors in ClientBase, primarily to invoice. And although invoicing would be described as the meat and potatoes of CB (so I say), there are a million other things it can do for the advisor as well, and I am here to expand their knowledge on utilizing ClientBase to the best of their ability. Besides invoicing, a few other handy tools in CB consist of: marketing, storing client data, importing reservations, and daily reminders.

Andavo Travel: How long have you been in travel?

Kristen: I am fairly green, being in the travel world for only 5.5 years (and all of those with Andavo Travel!). Fun fact. I started in travel the same year/almost month I got married, so I never will forget one of two things. Work and/or personal anniversary!

Andavo Travel: What is your favorite thing about working for Andavo?

Kristen: The snacks! Just kidding. The flexibility they allow me to work from my home in Alabama and still feel totally supported in the job.

Thank you to Kristen for accommodating our quick interview. We are so grateful to have fun and knowledgeable people like her on our Andavo team.

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