Cruising into the New Year

Spring is just around the corner, and if your travelers are itching for a seaside vacation like the rest of us, we have the perfect recipe for success — cruises!

Cruises are the perfect worry-free vacation for many travelers. Many people are born and bred cruisers who opt for cruises over any other vacation type. But what makes cruising such a popular form of travel? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of cruises and, ultimately, the best cruises to take this year.


Benefits of Cruises

Great Value

Cruises are made to fit a variety of budget sizes. The fares include everything needed: food, lodging, accommodations, entertainment, and transportation. Some cruise lines even offer discounted rates for shared cabins, kids, and more. However, if you are looking for luxury most cruises offer luxury packages that are even more inclusive than others.

Visit Multiple Destinations

One of the biggest perks of taking a cruise is the number of destinations you can visit within the scheduled time frame. A cruise is essentially a floating hotel taking you from city to city. The best part? You enjoy your time onboard between destinations as much as your time at your sought-after location.

Family-Friendly Activities

No matter the age of your travelers, everyone will enjoy the cruise. Parents can drop their kids off in well-maintained and watched-after play areas as they go for some one-on-one time. Teens even have hangout spots designated just for them. But when families want to come together for some family fun, there are swimming pools, theaters, and other exciting activities onboard the ship.

Easy Planning

Since cruises come as an all-inclusive vacation, they are very easy to plan. All that is needed to prepare is the ship, destination, itinerary, and cabin. Once that is chosen you can schedule your off-board activities. Working with your clients, you can decide which cruise is the best fit and everything they want to do during their vacation. However, don’t overbook. Cruises run on a tight schedule so plan well, and there will be plenty of time to experience everything.


Disadvantages of Cruises

Tight Schedule

As mentioned earlier, be wary of overbooking your time off the ship. There are fixed time schedules at each port stop which means that you can only fit a few activities at each destination. However, if you leave the ship early in the morning, you can typically see the majority of what each city offers.

Plan for Gratuity

Most cruise experiences include tipping, while others may include it as a part of the booking.  While you are on the ship, there will be plenty of employees that wait on you including the maid service, dining servers, concierge, photographers, bartenders, casino dealers, and room service. It is not expected to tip everyone that waits on you; however, cruise lines typically leave a list of suggested tips to hand out during the week.

Sea Sickness

Traveling on cruise lines often has its side effects. In fact, most cruisers know a thing or two about sea sickness. Even if you never get seasick, you might experience your first bout during your time onboard. Luckily, the staff is well-prepared for travelers feeling a bit rocky and can offer medicine if it happens to you.


Best Cruises to Take in 2019

No matter what attracts you to cruising, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few of the best cruise destinations to check out for the upcoming year.

Eastern Caribbean

When you think of a cruise, chances are you are picturing a cruise along the Eastern Caribbean. There is a reason why every cruise line runs cruises throughout these tropical islands. Decide on a cruise in this neck of the woods, and you are sure to find turquoise-blue water, white-sand beaches, and friendly locals.


It’s hard to beat cruising to the Bahamas. From the range of activities offered on the island to the ease of travel, a Bahamian cruise is an all-time favorite. More and more vacation-bound families are choosing the Bahamas. Make it your go-to, and you won’t be disappointed.


Many vacation-goers don’t usually think of Alaska when they initially think of cruising. However, it is a cruise MUST. Alaska is full of mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and scenery that can’t be beaten. Make sure that those going on an Alaskan cruise pack plenty of camera gear because they will want to snap as many photos as their memory card allows.

European River Cruise

River cruises are quickly becoming a traveling favorite. One of the best for enjoying local specialties is European river cruises. From the spectacle of Dutch tulip fields to the food and wine along the French Bordeaux, no matter which European river cruise you choose, you are sure to get the European experience of a lifetime.


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