Andavo Travel—Luxury Travel Trends for 2019

Luxury travel in 2019 continues to be in a constant state of change. From online booking websites to social media platforms increasing wanderlust, travel advisors must keep up with these trends to stay relevant with their clients. To best plan travel for your clients this upcoming year, Andavo host travel agency has listed  the top trends for luxury travel in 2019 and what it means for your business.

2019 Luxury Travel Trends

–    Booking Preferences

One of the most relevant travel trends for this upcoming year is the increasing number of people opting to book through a travel consultant rather than online. A recent survey conducted by Exceptional Villas found that over 90% of their clients preferred to book their trips using a travel advisor. Although many people research their options online, expert knowledge remained at the top of their booking essentials.

To keep up with the trends, embrace the digital revolution and use it to your advantage. As more information comes online, it’s harder for your clients to sift through it all. That’s why many travelers are turning to you for help. Use your experience to help your clients find the best deals and even score big on fully-organized trips they won’t find online.

–    Instagram-able Images

Not only has social media increased wanderlust among users, it’s transformed the way we travel, as well. Today, many luxury travelers seek vacation destinations that are primed with Instagram-worthy moments. Don’t believe us? Scientific studies over the years have proven a link between an excess of dopamine in the brain and a tendency to engage in impulsive behaviors, including travel. Add in the prevalence of Instagrammers posting pictures of their latest vacation, and it’s no wonder that people are itching to travel.

So, what does this mean for you? Appealing to your clients is even easier thanks to this popular social media channel. Keep your feed up-to-date with personal photos of your travels, so your clients are drawn to visit the same areas. You can also request that traveling clients text you a photo or two from their trip that you can share with your followers to show the level of travel that you plan.  Not sure how to go about this? Take advantage of Andavo’s social media support to learn new ways of keeping up with social media trends. Whether it’s through one-on-one training sessions or opting-in to Compass, our exclusive social media service, you’ll learn the tools to make Instagram-able moments a possibility – and inspiration – for your clients.

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–    Total Immersion

Nowadays, clients are looking for one-of-a-kind experiences that they can’t find using a basic Google search. Relying on concierge service isn’t cutting it anymore. Today, many high-end travelers want complete immersion into the culture. The reality is that today’s luxury is adding this notion of personal development and transformation to every client’s itinerary. That means adding authenticity to every destination.

–    Personalized Itineraries

Luxury travel is all about personalizing the client’s experience. As a top advisor, you’re able to build your client’s confidence in what you’ve planned for them. You use your personal knowledge and experiences with past clients to plan trips that meet each new client’s needs perfectly. You know why staying at one hotel is better than another for that particular client.

Luxury travel advisors plan activities perfectly tailored to their client’s interests. From the Louvre to the Great Barrier Reef, each activity is great in theory, but if it doesn’t fall in line with what your client wants, it can ruin a trip. That’s why travel advisors continually stay up on what’s current in specific locations, learn about their clients in detail before planning the trip, and regularly consult with them on what they want out of their travel experience. It is a lot of work, but creating life-changing experiences that your clients remember for a lifetime is what your business thrives on.

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