GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (Tue Apr 23, 2013) — Andavo Travel is introducing AdvisorCare™, an all-encompassing technology system that brings new capabilities to its host travel agency and its’ independent contractors.

AdvisorCare&trade, the operating platform, gives agents various options to track their clients with a 360- degree, real-time view, providing high-level situational awareness. Agents can use a map to see clients’ city locations and click to view itinerary information. Via the map, agents can see events, such as natural disasters or security actions, that might affect their clients’ travels. Agents also have actionable intelligence that allows them to respond immediately to their clients’ needs.

”AdvisorCare essentially empowers the agent and complements their own considerable expertise to make travel smoother for their clients,” said Mike Cameron, Andavo Travel president. “It is a robust system that greatly enhances our professional agents’ value to their clients.”

The state-of-the-art travel management product contains tools to help agents manage their business more efficiently. For example, agents can increase savings through AirBank®, which tracks unused airline tickets. Airtinerary®, Andavo’s branded term for air travel itinerary, gives independent contractors access to the past, present and future traveler’s itineraries.

“Hosting agencies like Andavo must invest in infrastructure that boosts an IC’s effectiveness,” Cameron said. “The competition for luxury travel clients is fierce and demands that the agent deliver high-integrity personalized service. AdvisorCare is a huge advantage for our ICs.”

Other popular features include ProfileLogic®, which establishes a traveler’s profile; SecurityLogic®, which identifies who, when and where travelers are, and allows agents to respond appropriately when there is an incident that requires action; and DataLogic®, which provides real-time access and on-demand reporting on agents’ travel data. A real-time commission tracking feature is being programmed for a future release.