GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO (Fri Aug 22, 2014) — International luxury travel network, Virtuoso®, had cause for celebration at its annual Virtuoso Travel Week event – the Fashion Week of luxury travel – held recently at Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Not only is the show the most prestigious event of its kind, but it attracted record attendance. On hand for the event was Virtuoso-member agency, Andavo Travel, who joined more than 4,400 of the top executives and professionals in the business to take part in the luxury travel buying extravaganza.

Virtuoso Travel Week is known for its hallmark one-to-one appointments that take place between the network’s elite travel advisors and world’s-best travel host providers. Twenty of Andavo’s travel advisors participated in the event’s nearly 354,000 appointments this year, a staggering 2.69 years’ worth of meetings, treating the event as a “buying week” for Andavo’s discerning clientele. Andavo’s advisors took the opportunity to learn about new products and services, forge new relationships while strengthening existing ones, and participate in training sessions designed to improve the sales process. Each element of the conference was intended to lead to better travel experiences for consumers who do so under the guidance of a Virtuoso-affiliated travel advisor, such as one from Andavo Travel.

“Virtuoso Travel Week is one of the most important events of the year for me and my agency,” says Mike Cameron, president of Andavo Travel. “The relationships we build through the event ensure our clients will travel almost anywhere in the world as a VIP, receiving benefits they can’t find elsewhere while being greeted like a lifelong friend. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn what’s new in travel, whether it’s the hottest, newly opened hotel or a destination that’s just coming into its own. Virtuoso Travel Week gives us an edge over our competitors and increases our value to our clients.”

During the week, Virtuoso also revealed the latest destination trends, showing where Virtuoso clients will be traveling in the next six months, including during the crucial winter months and holiday breaks.

The Virtuoso “Top 10” Italy (+ 6%) United Kingdom (+ 30%) France (+ 23%) Canada (+ 9%) Spain (+ 20%) Germany (+ 31%) Mexico (+ 17%) South Africa (- 5%) Netherlands (+ 18%) Greece (57%)

Perhaps more enlightening, though, are the countries seeing the largest year-over-year growth.

Virtuoso’s “Hot List”

New Zealand (+ 196%) Chile (+ 103%) Indonesia (+ 103%) Hungary (+ 86%) Hong Kong (+ 72%) Croatia (+ 68%) Australia (+ 58%) Ecuador (+ 57%) Greece (+ 57%) Norway (+ 54%)

The group also revealed that Central Europe is experiencing a surge: Hungary (86%), Croatia (68%), Austria (48%), Poland (48%), and Czech Republic (23%). Russia, however, has seen a sharp decline, down 69%. Overall, travel to European countries is up by 23%.

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