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at Pyramid Andavo Travel, an Andavo Travel Affiliate




About Diane:

Owning and operating Pyramid Travel in Aspen, Colorado since the late 1980's has left me with a sure knowledge of what the "next" best thing is in travel - and what the happening thing is "now".  Pyramid operated for 20 years as a full service traditional travel agency, but since 2008 I have become an independent agent - affiliating with Andavo Travel and Virtuoso.  Virtuoso has provided a great doorway to a new luxury travel market, which was always our niche, but now we have even better tools to achieve a higher level of luxury.

Beach destinations and adventure travel were always high on the list of my Aspen clientele, but as my business and client list grew, we found we could mix and match corporate with leisure. We've learned to mix it up in a fun way - giving truth to the phrase "a working vacation".  The adventurous spirit of all generations in Colorado comes through in what destinations people want to visit, and in this day and age, it's necessary to work and play.

I myself have had numerous opportunities to travel, and my husband being from the South Pacific originally has taught me a lot about that part of the world.  Europe and Africa (the whole continent) have been two favorite destinations over the last couple of years.  Good hotels are my focus on most trips, as I think clients still like the hotel experience.  I have garnered a long list of hotels that I can personally recommend from a stay or a visit - it helps a lot in giving people the true explanation of what a property is like.  I still have a fairly long "bucket list", and hope to get through that list of places that I still want to see and experience.

I have always felt my success lies in my commitment to fast responses and very intent attention to my travelers' needs and wishes.  Getting back to a client right away has always served me well, given the loyalty that client then has for my services. I have seen the business change and re-invent itself many, many times - as it does to this day. There will always be a future in travel; I think almost everyone shares that spirit to get out and see the world.